Pleiadian Delegate


Here I Am ~ Here you Are ~ Here We Are ~And So it is!
Always Feeling You, Always with you in The Divine Sacred Light of All That Is!!!
L’Aura Pleiadian
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  1. Very powerful and emotional for me Laura…you came alive, then I shut my eyes and the clarity of the pic’ left…you are definitely from another place, not earth…the first time I saw you I felt a strong family connection, when I look at you I feel I am looking at ‘me’…this ‘feeling’ happens all the time…what a journey back home again in the physicality…<3 you very much Laura <3

  2. Thank You Laura <3 Thank You Pleiadians <3

  3. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    It is glorious, sublime and very loving, love you ♥

  4. That was amazing and beautiful ,thank you Queen of Light.. love you

  5. Lisa ann sarandon

    Lots of love to you

  6. Laura, I do so love all that you do for me and all. I feel your love all the time, and if things get tuff in my everyday life here I feel you and your with me and you help me thru the things going on. And I tell myself to go to my heart space and just love and I am able to keep going with a smile on my face and love in my heart. Thank you so much for being with me. Laura always.

  7. Thanks a lot for the follow. Much love!♥

  8. I am so thrilled, grateful, etc…that I found you last week. Thank you, Ellie

  9. I Am Happy of see and feel you, <3 love <3 you <3

  10. Ascension Angel

    Whom-ever thrilled you on April 28 must be some-thing spectacular or particular-ly un-usual :D

  11. On July 24 in the morning I felt your kiss in my forehead, wonderful, I <3 love <3 you <3 LOVE <3

  12. the desire of love for you the message i loved

  13. Yes I feel you deeply with Love and the flame of fire inside my heart with You, dear Victoria Elohim, <3 3< I <3 <3 Love <3 <3 You <3 <3 <3 Eternal Love <3 <3 <3

  14. Thank you very much, I feel your love

  15. After I have listened to your video “Twin flame/soul” Frequency transmission, I’m sure that you know your TRUTH, and you are connected, I was trying to find one for years, I belong to the Path of The Truth, I was giving up, and you gave me the my last wish, and I believe my last push, I don’t have to meet you, enough that I met you, I was waiting for this message, and you were my messenger, I don’t care how many soul you have touched, but you are touched mine, and I know that you have done a good job, thank you my God “Queen of light”, much appreciation ever forever

  16. Listening now your meditation I feel much stronger, is like a discharge of 1000 volts of love, <3 <3 I <3 <3 Love <3 <3 You 3< <3 dear Queen <3 <3 <3 Eternal Love <3 <3 <3

  17. Elin Sofie Rosbach

    😍 Love 💖💗💘👽

  18. QUEEN I LOVE YOUM STAY BLESSED N PLS stay here dont go xo♡

  19. Emilie Jean Cronauer Mataila

    WONDERFUL! Of COURSE you will soon be back on facebook dearest* L’Aura!!!! How ridiculous, what has been happening with that! I love you beyond amounts!!!!!!

  20. so profound… your words, not words at all but Truth. a frequency that cuts through the programming I accepted as me. I feel it cracking, and shattering, blown away. You standing there in Light, all along, all that ever is. I love you L’Aura <3 <3

  21. KeithUnderhill

    💙Bright Eyes💙✨✨✨

  22. Mother Divine. Please tell me how I can receive your light and do your meditation. I have bad spirits attached. Please can you tell me when they will go. Many Masters sy they will leave but when Mother. A mothers heart is more compassionate. How can I receive the powerful volts of ligjht that you transmit. I am sorry to trouble you. Ammanta Shah Ramson

  23. Laura, since the first time I started reading you’re posts, etc. each time I look at you, its like love, pure love, thank you for you’re love for all of us, you are precious.

  24. Loving you forever!

  25. Nandkumar Rayanker

    Queen of light, I would like to know why my third eye is not open and how to open it. i would also like to access inner knowing. is there a way to know what is my vibration level is .

    with lots love, light and blessings

  26. Thank you for helping me with my fears and also healing!
    I am learning to become more aware of my spiritual self! And to trust that things will be ok.
    Everytime i listen to one of your videos i try to send love and light from my heart chakra to you to say thanks! X

  27. Nandkumar Rayanker

    May I know with what name you and Thoth are known in Hindu culture, I also want to know your and thoth’s history.. bless me .. with lot of love and blessings Nandkumar

  28. L’Aura I’ve been following your FB for awhile, I would like to know how do I start from the beginning from your video’s, I was awaken to my soul back in 2007 but no longer hear her or Source for a couple of yrs and I feel so lost and in need of regaining my ability back to hear my soul messages. I need your help, could you please direct me on your video’s? Thank you so very much. Love & Light to you.

  29. hi am Shane, and i go thought reality very differently than others, i am and indigo child and have a very sensitive mind body and soul, if you see this plese let me know how i can get better with living in my present and my life bc i am having a hard time with being sensitive to others and even to my self. Thank you!

  30. Alexsandra Aube

    I would love to be included in the light transmissions.

  31. I have been searching for a very long time and am so grateful to have finally resonated with you. You chants bring tears to my eyes and open my heart…I see pink around me again…connected. My struggle has been long and painful…I feel hope…you are a blessing. Thank you for this connection :)

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